Friday, 14 April 2017

Control on small tools used in Production


Safe food is the one which is free from any form of foreign bodies. Food products may carry two types of foreign bodies
  1. Small particles of metal pieces, small stones, soil etc
  2. Tools like spoons, nut-bolts etc
Small pieces of metals are removed with the help of metal detector and sieves. But after packing the bags there are chances of contamination of products with small sampling tools, cutting tools, tapes, scissors, etc which are used for packing when the packing is done manually. If the packing is done through packing machines the chances of small tools getting mixed with food products are minimal. 

Control on Small Tools in Processing Areas 

Small tools such as knives, scissors, spanners etc which are used in the processing sites can mix with food product. Still this can be identified easily by consumers, it can create problems with business as consumers would not expect to find a scissor in a packet of atta at home. Other than this, this kind of small tools if fallen into equipment will create problems inside equipment and also scratch on equipment giving out metal contamination in products. There should be control over the tools used in the food processing or storage areas to avoid

It is recommended to keep a tool box with minimum required tools in processing area. This tools should be counted and listed in the tool box. Every day tools should be rechecked so that they are not lost anywhere on equipment or in processing area. Another way is to have a tool stand with pictures of tools, so that when tool is found empty in the stand it can be identified that the tool is lost somewhere. For nut-bolts in equipment esp inside equipment they should be counted and recorded after every cleaning of equipment. Before start up of equipment it should be confirmed that all nut-bolts are intact and they are loose to be fallen inside the product. Other way to control tools is to tie them near there usage point. By threading the tools with walls they stay in the same place always. But this process cannot be applied for tools which should be carried at different equipment to use such as spanners.

Below you can see tool stand with shadow behind.

தொடர்புடைய படம்

A tool box with shadows of tools.

tool box க்கான பட முடிவு